Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's My Turn

After my two week vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, I've decided I'm just not an island girl.

I don't like the isolation. I also don't like the fact that all the brochures and websites make the entire place look like this island paradise with beautiful landscaping, sun and blue skies everywhere, but in actuality the inner portion of the island (and pretty much everything outside of the resorts) are full of scrubby brush and run down buildings. I'm not complaining, really, even though Ed always thinks I am. I'm just opinionated and this is what I think.

I don't like that there aren't any stores that I can pop into for a pair of shoes (I have giant feet, remember?) or have a good selection of clothes for me to choose from. I don't like that there aren't stores that I'm familiar with, or even on par with what I'm used to. I don't like that my internet is spotty and that it costs a small fortune to call anyone back in the states.

I don't need a duty free store to buy a
Tag Heuer or Rolex watch; I need a Target. And a Starbucks, and a Barnes & Noble, and a real hospital. I need magazines that don't cost a fortune and to be able to go somewhere different, if I felt like it. I also don't like the idea that when a hurricane is coming (like Irene did, while we were there), there's nowhwere to go once they close the airport.

There's only so much you can do in the water, I don't enjoy "laying out", and the whole sand-in-the-bathing-suit thing is a bitch. And reading on the beach? For me, not very practical; magazines always get wet and the pages are hard to turn in the breeze, and I can never get in a position to prop up my book comfortably. It's just unplesant. My idea of relaxing typically involves air-conditioning, not blazing hot sun burning the tops of my feet.

Ed loves being on an island, near the water and the boats and windsurfing equipment. He could live there. So could my best friend Vicki. She's definitely a water baby and can spend the rest of her life in a bikini top and a pair of cutoffs. That's fine, I'll go visit them. And they can visit me and
her husband; we'll be living in some overpriced McMansion in Saddle River, NJ or Brentwood, TN.

I'm sure I'll be going on another island vacation in the future because Ed really likes that environment, and since he does so much for me I'll indulge him his interests and preferred vacation spots.

And while there, I'll be planning for when it's my turn.

Like I'm doing right now.

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Belledog said...

Conch shell inhabitants everywhere applaud your decision.


Angela said...

LOL @ Belledog.

I am not sure if I'm an "island girl". But I'm a fan of infrequent visits to the beach. I HATE sea water. I have zero tolerance to salt water in my eyes. One little splash-let and I am toast for the rest of the day. Super sensitive eyes.

So when I do find myself on a sandy beach it's water up to maybe the knees, walking and picking up shells. The rest of the time I'm on a blanket or a rented chair under an umbrella preferably.

I love the smell of the ocean. The ocean breezes. I love the boardwalks and the piers and the atmosphere, but only in very small doses.

I'd never be able to live at the beach. That would be my hell.