Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Visual Aids

I haven't been in a truck stop in almost two years.  Because we're self-contained in the truck (bed, kitchen, toilet, shower, etc.) there's not really any reason for me to go in one anymore unless it's absolutely necessary - like getting a scale ticket or a receipt for fuel - but it's rare. 

We recently took a load to California and I decided to go in and reacquaint myself with truck stop goodies - I've always like to cruise the snack aisle, see what they have for sale for upcoming holidays, decide on whether or not I need some kind of clip-on, stick-on, velcro-on window gadget.

And then I went to the ladies room and saw the sign.

What the hell, people?  I'm gone for 20 months and truckers have sunk to a level where they need signs about how to dispose of trash?  I'm well aware that truckers (mostly men) pee in parking lots and leave jugs of urine for unsuspecting travelers to find, but I didn't think the women needed to be told to not throw toilet paper on the floor. 

Someone told me the signs were for foreigners coming from other countries who aren't used to good septic systems, so they don't put the paper in the toilet.  I actually knew two families - they lived in Arkansas and Kentucky - who never threw paper in the toilet, which I thought was odd at first because I'd never seen anyone do that, but once I was told why it made sense.  I just figured it was a Southern thing.  Guess not.

Shrug. '''\_(°°)_/""

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