Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have A Delicious Thanksgiving!

Ed and I will be on the road this year for Thanksgiving, so we're either going to indulge in a free meal at the T/A or Petro, courtesy of our company, or hit one of the buffet places so we'll have tons of food choices just like when we're home.  The saddest part about Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant (especially a buffet place), is that you don't get to take home any leftovers.  And I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers.

What's really wonderful though, is that we've been invited to dine with lots of people - my best friend invited us to her sister's place near Asheville, my cousin invited me to join the family in the Bronx, our friends RuthAnn and Brad invited us to their place in West Virginia, and Amy invited us to her place in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, we're nowhere near any of them this year so we had to pass.  This time.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day, with lots of food, love and naps.

Naps are important.  Do not skimp on those.

See you all after the tryptophan wears off!!

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june in florida said...

I am working too but will get dinner and a nap after, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Belledog said...

Happy Turkey Day! You and Ed will enliven any buffet or restaurant you visit.

Thankful for the many blessings and laughs this year; look forward to next.