Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Yoopers Little Piece Of Heaven

After hitting Negaunee, we headed over to Ishpeming. Ishpeming. Ishpeming. I just like saying it. According to wonderful Wikipedia, the name Ishpeming comes from the Anishinaabe language, meaning "on top" or "from above" or "upon high." Ishpeming, in the Ojibwa dialect of the Anishinaabe language, also means "Heaven".

If heaven is where the National Ski Hall of Fame is located. 
Because of the sparsely populated area, we didn't think taking the truck through the town would be a big deal.  Turns out it wasn't a big deal at all since the place was virtually deserted.  But the few people we did see greeted us with friendly wave, including one woman riding a scooter. 
At one end of town was this unusual structure.  I had no idea what it was - thought it might have been some kind of artsy sculpture - but Ed set me straight and told me that it was a vertical-axis wind turbine.  How does he know these things??
Then, at the other end of town, was the Tee Pee Bar.  The place where you can buy happiness. 

What I really wanted to see though, the reason we even drove down Main Street, was to see the statue of Old Ish.  It was erected in the town square one hundred and twenty-eight years ago (in 1884) by a local mining company as part of a set of drinking fountains - one for humans, one for horses, and one for dogs.    
The iron statue was originally painted black, but now sports what I'd guess you can say are more "lifelike" colors. 
There are reminders all over town - a street named Hematite, an old mining cart, a newspaper called The Mining Journal - that this area was founded on mining and is still supported by mining.    
Ishpeming.  Go ahead, say it.  It's fun.

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ELH said...

if you ever have time to get out to the "mac" island do it..i took my kids there years ago, like goin back in cars allowed..real cool..the ferry across is lotsa fun..