Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ahhhh....Ahhhhh.....Aw Shit!

While driving California Route 1, up the California coast this weekend, we stopped to take pictures of the ocean and beautiful coastal scenery.

I let Ed loose with my camera and this is what he captured - a surfer, just seconds before he wiped out.


Geggie said...

Yep, loved the Biltmore. We're going back to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Asheville. We're staying at a great B&B. if you ever need a place to stay. The people who own it are super duper nice.

Sauntering Soul said...

Great photo!

I've never been to the West Coast but would love to visit sometime.

Tracey said...

I love the pic! Nothing like the left coast. We used to live in San Diego when hubby was in the Marine Corps.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

He put the malocchio on the surfer!

Powerful, that Eddie.