Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How Many Times Do You Have To Burn Your Hand Before You Stop Touching The Hot Stove?

I'm SO very tired of hearing the sob stories from people who chose the wrong path in life. People who wind up in dead end jobs, women who consistently date the wrong guy, morons who commit ridiculous acts like this and specifically, people who wind up in jail and think they are owed some sort of special treatment.

If you hate your job or don't like making minimum wage, do something about it. Go to school, learn a trade or perfect a skill. If you want to be chosen for a job, don't show up in a backwards baseball cap and baggy jeans to fill out the application; the person you hand that application to might be the one making the decision on whether or not to employ you. If you are going on a job interview, dress like you're going on a job interview. Take a shower. Comb your hair. Wear a skirt. LOOK like you want a job. LOOK like you take pride in your appearance. LOOK like you are going to add something to the company rather than being their next problem.

If every guy you date turns out to be a loser, maybe it's time to take a look at the choices you make in that department. Are you always attracted to the same type? Do you never date outside of that type? I have a friend that complains that she can't find a nice guy, yet she won't consider a second date with a guy because he wore a flowered Hawaiian shirt on the first. You're going to judge a guy based on his shirt?? How do you know he's not the one who is going to treat you like you deserve? You never even gave him a chance. She's a good catch. She's smart and funny and attractive and responsible. She deserves a great guy. But she's just picky. Well, maybe if you stop being so picky and give someone a chance to really show you who they are, you'd find a nice guy. It's just a thought.

That mother that left the kid to die in her car? She should not only be jailed, but she should be sterilized and never allowed to have another child in her life. WHO forgets their kid in the car? WHO??? I don't understand how people like this are allowed to even have children. My friend Greg used to say that people have to take a test to get a driver's license, but any moron can have a kid. How true. I can't even express how I feel about people who don't treat their children well. People who have no business having children at all. People who should have had their children taken away from them YEARS ago. It's not a matter of "opinion" and who's right and who's wrong. If there is ANY person who thinks it's okay to leave a child in a hot car for SEVEN hours while you work your shift at Hooter's, they need to have their head examined. There are NO good reasons or excuses for this. You should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and pay for your negligence.

And speaking of paying for your crimes; what's up with those people who think that inmates should have rights? People in jail deserve what they get. Whether it's bad food, limited access to television, no free time, no cigarettes or cable or access to college educations. You are IN JAIL. That's what being IN JAIL means. If you were so concerned about your freedoms, perhaps you should have considered not doing whatever it was that got you INTO jail in the first place. You don't have choices. You can't demand cable. You can't complain that the food you eat isn't as good as what you get at home. You cannot get an education.

These are the things you GAVE UP when you chose to commit the crime that put you IN JAIL in the first place. This chaps my ass more than almost anything (well, except for child molesters) and gets me in such a tizzy that if I had the power to put everyone on a chain gang and feed them all bologna sandwiches, I would.

Yeah, yeah, I suppose there is are some people who have been wrongfully incarcerated, and oh well, sorry for you, but I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about people who COMMIT CRIMES; who knowingly and willingly commit crimes and then expect to have cushy surroundings when they get to jail. It's JAIL. See, that's supposed to be a deterrent. I'm not in jail. I know what is right and wrong, legal and illegal. And I don't do the illegal stuff because I don't want to be IN JAIL. It's that simple.

If you are IN JAIL, you should have NO RIGHTS. NONE. You are incarcerated. CONFINED. Not allowed to have and do and be certain things. No, you shouldn't have the right to a free education when people out in the world who haven't committed crimes don't have that same right. You shouldn't get to watch TV and work out and go to the library and enjoy social hour in the courtyard. You are IN JAIL. You should be used for free labor. You should be put to work for the good of the society.

If you continue to do the same thing, over and over again, don't expect any type of sympathy from me. You'd have to be crazy to think you'll get it.


Sauntering Soul said...

Amen sister!

Anonymous said...

you are so talking about me and the men thing aren't you.....ohhhhhhh