Sunday, November 11, 2012

It Doesn't Take Much To Keep A Marine Happy

I'm sure I've posted this picture of Ed at some point in the last eight years, but I can't recall where or when, so I'm posting it again today in honor of Veteran's Day and to show appreciation for my very handsome former Marine.

Ed served nine years in the United States Marines.  He was an artillery guy - more specifically, a Section Chief for Fire Direction Control - which essentially means he choreographed the Howitzers according to the mission.  He received two honorable discharges.

And with his official DD214 in hand, we're going out to get what someone who selflessly served his country deserves.

A free meal at Applebee's.  And Texas Roadhouse.  And Golden Corral.

That's right folks, today and tomorrow we'll be making the rounds.

Because you don't want to be around a hungry Marine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Pat said...

and that's the least we can do. Thank you US Marine Ed. I drove all around Mesa and Chandler Arizona today and not once had to worry about getting back home. Ed gets a few free meals, I get freedom and safety. Pretty sweet!

june in florida said...

Thank you Ed for your service then and now, without truckers we would would be living very different lives.

Gil said...

Ed, Sorry I missed thanking you for serving to help protect our freedom. I've actually been sidetracked by some work. Good picture!