Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drowning My Sorrows In Mountain Dew

Sadly, we did not win the Powerball. 

What we need to do is move to a trailer park.  People in trailer parks always seem to win the lottery. 

It's a cruel twist of lottery fate, I tell you.

I think I need a Mountain Dew.

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Gil said...

Don't feel bad I didn't win either. Oh! I forgot to buy a ticket.

BECKY said...

Too funny! I'm sorry you didn't win...I didn't either, although someone in Missouri DID win! I hope it's someone who knows and really loves me!! :D

Belledog said...

Mountain Dew! But think of your teeth.

Ayup. Bought a few tickets myself.

Could just about taste what I was going to do with the payout.

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: Forgot to buy a ticket??? :)

BECKY: If it's someone who knows and loves you, then by association, they must know and love me too! :)

BELLEDOG: Mountain Dew is the drink of trailer trash. That's why I thought I should start drinking one - maybe it would addle my brain or something and I'd wander into the nearest 7-11 to get my Dew fix, but instead, buy a ticket and wind up a multi-millionaire. :) Those lucky bastards, whoever they are!

Scott said...

I really thought I was gonna win this time... but didn't get any numbers right.

ELH said...

Salena, you and Ed gotta try a "portillos" juicy italian combo next die also try the tamales and onion rings, the absolute time in, please, about the trailer in the process of selling my current home and moving to a 55 and older "mobile home" community in far west suburban chgo..its really a beautiful well maintained park and community, and no bratty teenagers to deal, not all parks are "trailer trash",and noone here drinks the "dew"..take care out there and stay safe..ed..

The Daily Rant said...

ELH: Oh, I agree that no all parks are trailer trash parks. 55 and older communities TOTALLY don't count. In fact, many years ago, I looked into living in one of those parks and was told I was about 25 years too young. LOL

They don't count because they're usually IMMACULATE and the people care about how the place looks. And they're social. And they're usually not dirtbags. LOL

But they don't usually have truck parking. :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this might brighten your day. I know how much you love Adele and Nashville and I would venture a guess you have already heard of this band....but wow if you missed them.

The Daily Rant said...

ANONYMOUS: Holy CRAP. Great, great song. You know, I had never heard of this chick (and didn't know there was a "and The Nocturnals" part) until I heard Adam Levine mention her on The Voice recently. One of the singers on The Voice did her song "Stars". And that was the first time I heard of her.

But this is great and now I'll have to look into more of her. Yes, I love Adele and I love the music of Nashville.

Speaking of the show, when they were recently talking about The Lumineers - when Avery's band was wanting to open for them - I didn't even know The Lumineers was a real band. LOL Man, I'm getting old.

In my defense, I have to say that I almost NEVER listen to the radio, so I never hear new stuff. When I drive, I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. My boyfriend listens to a lot of music, so I often ask him, "Do you know this song?" or with surprise, "You KNOW this song??" now I have to blog about this whole thing and use this video you sent. Thanks!!