Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Road To A New Beginning

We're parked at a truckstop in Florida and yesterday Ed asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  Usually, he runs, but since I'm unwilling and completely incapable of running (even if I were being chased by a killer), he was nice enough to walk instead so I could join him.

I'm sure you're well aware of the benefits of walking.  We all are.  I know it's good for me.  I know it's easy to do.  I know you don't need a membership, or equipment, or even a big 'ol lonely road like the one above to do it.  I've often walked in place, in my own living room, inside the house, in air conditioning.  Ideal for me. 

But I still don't like it.

The conditions have to be perfect, which usually means below 68 degrees, for me to walk outside.  Yesterday morning the sun was shining, but it was only 66 degrees.  I couldn't say no.  So we walked.

We took a side road out of the truck stop parking lot and I set my timer.  I was only doing 30 minutes.  We'd go 15 minutes out, my timer would ding, and I'd turn around and go back.  Hateful, but doable.  We did it before breakfast so I'd have something to look forward to when I got back.  

I'm happy to say we walked 1.5 miles and I'm even happier that it's over.  

I'm going to try to do this a few times a week this year.  Two days will be a big effort, three days will be a miracle. 

Gotta start somewhere.

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Belledog said...

Proud of you. Walking is a great habit, and centers the mind, too.

You scared me with this blog title. I thought, oh no, she's giving it up. There are those of us who would miss your blog inordinately.

Cheers, and enjoy today's walk. (I'm still in Wiesbaden. Easy to walk here, and it's hilly. Bus or train or foot, no car. It's great.)

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as the comment above. Please do not go anywhere!!

I am too proud of you! I despise walking and am totally an indoor girl as well. So walking or biking are my exercise options. Made me laugh when I read you made breakfast a reward, something I would totally do. Keep it up!

Your NA Friend