Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Dog From The State Of Sonora

I've been living in Tucson, Arizona off and on for 38 years and this week was the first time I've ever had a Sonoran Dog.  Since my best friend was in town, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity for Ed and I to try something new and for them to experience a Southwestern specialty.  

There are two places I considered going to for this Southern Arizona treat - El Güero Canelo and BK Tacos.  El Güero Canelo has been around since 1993 and recently received an American Classics award from the James Beard Foundation and BK Tacos was featured on the Travel Channel's Food Wars show.

As a group, we decided on BK Tacos because we also wanted to try their grilled carne asada tacos, featuring meat cooked over a mesquite fire, which is a custom in this area.

A Sonoran Dog is a regular beef hot dog, wrapped in bacon, cradled in a soft, pillowy, slightly sweet roll, topped with whole pinto beans, grilled and fresh onions, fresh diced tomato, decorated with mayonnaise and a dash of mustard and finished with their secret jalapeño sauce.  It's served with a plump, tasty, grilled yellow pepper on the side.

The tacos were great, definitely a win, and I've gotta say I was also pretty impressed with the Sonoran dog.  I liked everything they put on the dog, and the mayonnaise was a surprise.  I didn't think I'd enjoy mayo on a hot dog.  The grilled yellow pepper it was served with was delicious - soft and warm, with a nice charred flavor. 

Next time, we'll hit El Güero Canelo.  I'm all about taste tests and a little local rivalry.

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