Monday, April 16, 2018

Where The Elks Of Globe Went To Gather

Built in 1910, in Globe, Arizona, the Elks-Lodge-turned-Antique-Mall has a special distinction - the sign out front bills it as the "Tallest Three-Story Building In The World".

According to Roadside Peek, "The Elks’ Building was built in 1910 in the Italianate style. The story goes that the architect hired to construct the building over ordered bricks, and instead of selling them, he used them.  Hence, creating the world’s tallest three-story building. The third floor is the initiation lodge area. The second floor was used for lounging and meeting. The first floor has a commercial kitchen and was once and theater for plays in the once-booming mining towns of Globe and Miami. Today the building sits vacant."

A quick Google search claims it was recognized by Ripley's Believe It Or Not! but that search also turned up another building in Paris, Kentucky that makes the same claim - tallest three-story building. 

Well, I wasn't in Paris, I was in Globe, so this is all I've got for you.  And although I couldn't tell from the outside, I guess now I've seen one of the world's tallest three-story buildings.

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