Wednesday, April 18, 2018

You Really WON'T Believe What's Inside

The Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, Arizona was one of the cutest stores I'd visited during my stay.  According to their FAQs page, 25% of the merchandise in the store could be classified as antique, collectible or vintage. The remaining 75% of the merchandise is Native American Jewelry, Art and Craft, Southwest gifts, Western gifts and home furnishing.

The yard art is the first thing you see before you enter the building.  I love all this colorful metal yard art.  I think I need that rooster.

There's so much to look at in this store, from wind chimes to t-shirts, moccasins to elk hides.  And cute, colorful, leather coin purses like these.
 Home decor, kitchen stuff, and cute countryfied drink coasters.
 Antiques, old postcards, vintage glass bottles.  I spent about forty-five minutes in the store.  I walked it slowly and looked at everything.
I didn't buy anything, although I did see some artwork by Brenda Peo that I loved.  I have a hard time committing to expensive pieces unless I know precisely where they'll work.  In addition to having buyer's remorse with expensive items, I'm not good when I have too many choices.  I need to be shown two items and have someone say this? or this?

It's a great store.  It has history and great lighting inside.  It's definitely worth a visit but if you can't make it to Globe, you can shop online.  Ain't modernity great?

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