Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name That Tree

I see this flowering tree all over the place in the spring and I love it. I've found it in many parts of the country (mostly the eastern half) and it seems to bloom earlier than everything else. I love seeing them lining the interstate as I make my way around the country. Does anyone know what this tree is called?

EDIT: Thanks to Gi-Gi Roxx, who sent me a Wikipedia link, I now know then name of this tree - it's called an Eastern Redbud. Check it out HERE.
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Pat said...

In my yard it's called a Japanese Cherry, but someone could have made that up :) Love youe blog.

Angela said...

If I could see more of the tree I'd have a better idea, but if it's what I've been seeing all over as well I've been told it's called a Redbud. Hmm... wonder what it really is!?!

Angela said...

I thought maybe those will help!

all things bradbury said...

yep, we call them redbuds too....i sure have been enjoying them in bloom everywhere!