Monday, April 12, 2010

Back That Ass Up

The following pictures are to demonstrate Ed's spectacular parking skills.

The first shot shows the position of the truck in the dock area after the guys at the dock told Ed that "no one can ever get into this dock" and "we've seen people pulling 40 foot trailers that couldn't back in there".

It's a dock that requires a "jack-knife docking" technique - if that's even an official term. Not visible in this picture, across the street from the truck, was a wall that prevented any pull-ups so the only way to get in is to line up a corner of the trailer to the dock and then "jack-knife" it in so it'll be straight when it hits the hole. It doesn't look tight, but if Ed says it's difficult, it is.

Here's another shot of the truck, showing the position of the truck and trailer. As Ed lined up the corner of the trailer and slowly backed the truck up, the back of the container lined up perfectly with the door.

This one shows how the truck was jack-knifed, the truck and trailer lined up and squared perfectly. Each little push of the tractor backed the trailer up a teensy bit more.

You will see how the trailer had to be straight in the dock and the truck angled all the way to the left to get it in there that way:

This last one shows the little dip of the dock area and how Ed (gently, I might add) bumped the dock to make sure the container was flush with the loading door so it could easily be unloaded.

This isn't the most difficult dock we've had to get into and it's definitely not something I would attempt as my backing skills aren't that good since we rarely deliver to places where we need to hit a dock so I've had no chance to practice. Ed, on the other hand, can back into a thimble.

I've seen him do it.
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Lipstick Trucker said...

Well done ED....Your as good as I am!

Unknown said...

He has always been good at precision backing! His Dad and I met up with him not long after he started driving. He had already parked his rig and was watching his Dad try to back in between two other trucks. Eddie finally took over and slid right in with ease. What a driver!!
Ed's mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lips! That IS a compliment coming from you. I am appreciative for that. Thanks.