Saturday, April 03, 2010

Where Good Breeding Gets You

Tonight I spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble while Ed hooked up the camera system on the truck. While I was there, enjoying my coffee and reading magazines, my mother called.

Keeping my tone very low, unemotional and even in an attempt to be courteous to other patrons, I answered. "Hello?"

"Oh. Are you sleeping?" my mother said. I don't know why she asks this; I've told her a million times that I were sleeping, I wouldn't answer the phone.

"No, I'm in Barnes and Noble," I said. "I'm just talking low because I don't want to disturb anyone."

"Oh. Where's Eddie?" my mother said, whispering.

"He's outside, working on the truck."

"Ohhhh. What is he doing to the truck?" Still whispering.

"Mom. You don't have to whisper. You're not the one in a bookstore." I said.

She laughed. "Oh, right."

We talked for a few more minutes before I told her I'd call her back later. I hate when people talk on cell phones in places that are supposed to be quiet (book stores, libraries, movie theaters, etc.) so I don't like to do it myself.

Evidently, I learned good telephone etiquette from my mother; and she's so good at it she even practices it when it's not necessary.

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Lipstick Trucker said...

I learned good telephone etiquette when I worked for the telephone repair service. I hate when I call my sister and she answers the phone "WHAT". That drives me insane! Where are her manners!

Angela said...

You mom stories crack me up. She's a hoot... or at least you're able to portray her as such.