Monday, April 26, 2010

There Ain't No Rodeo On This Rodeo

Ed and I have spent the last ten days in the Los Angeles area. During that time, we had our truck fixed while staying at a nice resort hotel for a few days and then spent some time sightseeing. This week I'll be highlighting some of the places we've been.

First on the list is Beverly Hills and Century City. We hit Rodeo Drive first; three short blocks lined with palm trees and beautiful shops. Since it was late in the day on Sunday, everything was closed, so we just drove through and gawked.

I spied Chanel, a shop I went into almost fifteen years ago when I lived in this area for a very short time. My Aunt wore Chanel No.5 perfume and I was determined to get her something from Chanel on Rodeo Drive; a t-shirt or maybe a trinket, anything from this Rodeo Drive shop. Little did I know they didn't have t-shirts for tourists. Uh, so yeah, I walked out empty handed.
Don't count on seeing any cowboys perusing the shops on this Rodeo (it's pronounced Ro-Day-Oh) and if you do spy any western wear, it's likely to be studded with rhinestones.

At the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive sits the famous Beverly Wilshire hotel...

Less than two miles away, on Avenue of The Stars you will find the place of my short lived employment; the Century Plaza hotel, where a a president actually stayed in the Presidential Suite (I had the pleasure of touring when I worked there and can attest to the fact that it's very luxurious). The hotel has been featured in several movies and can be seen in many episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

Right around the corner is 20th Century Fox Studios, the studio that produced such memorable films as The Grapes of Wrath, The Sound of Music, Hello Dolly, Star Wars and Titanic.

It was a short jaunt around a few blocks but it provided me with several pictures and a few memories and I thank the obscenely rich for that.Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman,, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Pioneer Woman Photography, Pioneer Woman Home & Garden, Pioneer Woman, Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, Ladd Drummond, Ree, Ladd, Drummond, P-Dub, PW, Pioneer Woman Homeschooling, Tasty Kitchen,,, thetastykitchen, the tasty kitchen,
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Ms. Crawford said...

How neat. I guess when one door closes another one sure does open. Although it was a bummer about needing the truck to get worked on, at least you ended up having a great little adventure.

The Chanel store is cool. I wear Chanel Chance, its my one big expensive thing. The bottle I have now I got for my 21st birthday and I am not even half way down. LOL. You gotta conserve the good stuff. Rodeo Drive reminds of Pretty Woman :) When she asks Kit where do I go for the good stuff on him. Kit: " Rodeo Drive Baby!!" and then they are mean to her... :(

Anonymous said...

Dont you just LOVE LA? I cant wait to get back out there. Maybe MY truck can break down in LA and I can rent a car for a few days and do what YOU did!

You see any famous peeps? I saw Jay Leno on one of his motorcycles in Hollywood one was awesome. LOL

Lipstick Trucker said...

Don't ya just hate it when the guys can apply their makeup better than you! I just finished watching the movie Coco Chanel. My grandmother only wore Chanel #5.