Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ah, The Subtle Contrasts Of New Jersey

This morning, as I rose and peeked out my kitchen window and looked out across the Hudson River, at the New York skyline, I saw the pink glow of a new day. It's the same view as the picture from two days ago, just on the other side of the tree (the Statue of Liberty can't be seen in this one, as she is standing in the harbor to the left of the tree).
From my viewpoint I was able to see the silhouettes of men working on the tug boats, which were all lit up and getting ready to head out onto the river. Since I was still in my jammies, I just stuck my camera out the kitchen window and got the shot. Then, once I was up and dressed, I got out of the truck to throw our garbage away in a nearby dumpster and saw this:

Based on the amount of garbage that was on the ground, one wouldn't even think there was a dumpster nearby. Although, I do have to say the Yoo-Hoo bottle totally screams East Coast.

Now I have a little something else to share, something I'm hoping you won't consider garbage; the second half of my Big Truck TV Post.

Last week, I posted
Part One of Ten Things I Learned Driving A Truck. This week, it's Part Two. Click HERE to read it.
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Another prize winning picture!