Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diamond Studded Proof

A childhood friend of mine (the one receiving communion from the Priest) recently sent this picture to me. I told her I would post it immediately to prove that I actually have gone to church. I'm the third one from the right.

I remember buying that dress in Mademoiselle, a fancy clothing store in our local mall. And the crown I'm wearing on my head is the crown my mother wore when she got married. As you can see, I'm the only one with such a sparkly, princess-y one. I wish I had that crown today. I'd put it in its rightful place this very minute; on my head.

In the email my friend sent with the picture, she said "I will always remember when you walked in with the crown of "diamonds"!!! All the girls were in amazement! At least I about having a mom that was fashionable! Just outstanding!!!! My mom seemed like Betty White compared to yours! LOL Total envy, not jealousy. :-) The German women in my family seemed so "manly" and the Italians were always so beautiful...."

See..."diamonds" even dazzle seven year old church goers. We're supposed to be concentrating on the Blessed Sacrament and instead are checking out the accessories of the other girls in line.

Some things never change.


Evil Pixie said...

Ahhhh... First communion. I remember the supreme humilation of sitting in church with a veil on my head. I was so young I actually thought eating that wafer made me a cannibal, while sipping that wine made me a vampire. It took them a while to get me to do it. Catholic ceremony can definitely lead to many years of therapy. :)

Gil said...

You were quite the "Little Angel"! The girl to the left of you looks totally in love with your diamonds.