Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Noodling Around

I haven't been in a pool in three years, since our cruise through the Panama Canal.  I'm not a beach babe - I don't like the whole sand thing, although I will go and suck it up for the opportunity to frolic in the ocean - and I don't necessarily like lounging by the pool (too hot), but I will float around on a noodle for hours at a time.

Which is what I've been doing every day for the past few days.  I've been joining my mother at the pool in her community, floating around on a noodle, and attempting to do underwater exercise.  Bicycling, leg kicks, butterfly whatevers for the arms/chest.  It's way  more fun than going to the gym. 

I might just be able to hack the Arizona summer this year without complaining too much about the heat.

Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?

At least I'll be tan.

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