Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Morning Long Haul

I took this photo yesterday morning as the sun rose in Texas.  

I love the hazy hills in the background, the flowers in the foreground, the 18-wheeler heading somewhere just like me, and the sun trying to break through the clouds.

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Gil said...

Never knew that Texas could look so good. Must be the photographer!

The Daily Rant said...

Thanks Gil! It IS the photographer in this case! I got lucky! LOL Well, the photographer and a cool filter.

june in florida said...

I am saving it, awesome!

Dixie/Ed's mom said...


The Daily Rant said...

JUNE: Definitely! It looks great as my desktop photo! Glad you like it.

DIXIE: Thank you!! I think it's a beautiful shot. You know, all the flowers are starting to come out - I saw a lot of pink, yellow, orange and especially blue this week! There is something you're never short on in Texas, and that's mile wide vistas!

scott said...

Once have a much better view at your work. I should post some pictures of'd look like: here's the phone, here's the computer, over there's the copy machine....

The Daily Rant said...

SCOTT: Yeah, I think I have a pretty good office window, but you've painted such an intriguing picture of your workspace, I'm dying to see it now. You should start a blog. :)

Belledog said...

Spectacular photo, Salena.

And you were driving when you took it?

Sunrises and sunsets. The office with a view. Part of the lure of your profession.

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: Glad you like the photo. I'm surprised it even came out. Yes, I was driving, but I just pressed my iPhone flat against the side window and hit the shutter button. I had no idea if I even got a shot until I stopped to look at it. I love it. It's noe of my favorite photos. Also, I prefer sunrises to sunsets. Nothing like it.