Sunday, April 07, 2013

If You See One Of These, Please Follow Instructions

I can't tell you how many drivers will zip around our truck and a) get in front of us only to slow waaay down, b) get off an exit as if their ass were on fire, or c) cut their lane change so close that I can't see the back of their bumper.

What's with the death wish, people?  And where are you going in such a rush that you couldn't have just stayed behind me and get off the exit after I passed it?

I'll tell you what - I will call your plate in to the state police in a heartbeat if you put me in danger.  And don't think I can't see it - I have 20/15 vision and can probably see the number you're dialing on your phone. 

You really don't want your day ruined by getting a ticket, now do you?

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Gil said...

Do you have problems with clowns wanting to pass you? You pull over, let them pass and the next thing you know they are going slower than you in the passing lane and refuse to pull back over! Happens all the time in CT on roads with no passing on the right.

all things bradbury said...

i know, right!!...i have had this happen more times than i can remember....and often by other trucks as well as seems that they would rather be road splatter than have to get behind a truck even for a few seconds.....never mind the fact that if i'd run over them, i have to fill out all that paperwork!!!

marlaina said...

If I thought the state police would do something, I'd call in their plates. This happens ALL the time. Cars screaming by me, over the speed limit, only to roar across in front of me to an exit.