Sunday, June 24, 2018

Korean Fire Meat

I wanted Bulgogi.  I had to have it.  My mouth was watering for it.  I was having a craving.

Confession:  It was something I'd never eaten before!

I was reading about it, then researched recipes, realized it had everything in it I liked that thought it was something I would definitely enjoy.  Before I had a chance to make it myself though, I thought I should try it in a restaurant that makes it the way it's supposed to be done.  So when Ed and I were in Las Vegas, we found a place that was highly rated on Zomato (previously known as Urban Spoon)

The restaurant was called Ko-Mex Fusion.  Korean, Mexican, and American food.  What kind of mix is that?
Ed ordered the Bulgogi Rice Bowl (Bulgogi, Rice, Baby Greens, KoMex Slaw, Kimchi, Jalapeno, plus a Sunny Side Egg on top) seen above.  I've had a fried egg on a burger before, but I wasn't interested in mixing a fried egg with my food this time.

We also both tried the Fusion Taco (Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Tofu topped with KoMex Slaw and pico de gallo) because hello?  Korean tacos?  We opted for the beef.  They were delicious.

And I decided to go with the Bulgogi Plate (Beef, Chicken, or Spicy pork, served with white rice and stir-fried vegetables)  I went with the classic bulgogi choice - beef.  It was deeeeeelicous!
The place was small, modestly furnished, and clean.  It is family owned and operated and we were served by the owner's son.  It was an inexpensive meal that satisfied our hunger and fueled my desire for more bulgogi.  In fact, writing this is making me hungry.

I'm off to look for a Korean restaurant!

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