Saturday, June 30, 2018

They Just Don't Get It

It's not about the effing flag, people!!

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Performing One Of The Oldest Textile Arts

2016: Helping Hand
2015: Mickey Is Electric!
2014: High Floor, King Bed, River View
2013: Pitchin' Melon
2012: As If The Heat, The Dust, And The Politics Weren’t Bad Enough
2011: My Office Window
2010: All The Live-long Day
2009: What Every Child Leaves Behind
2008: What Happened To Being Human?
2007: I’ve Been Everywhere, Man
2006: Gulf Shore Toe Magnets
2005: Sorry, no post on this day.

1 comment:

Mick said...

I know!

I would love a tshirt that read "I can't stand our national anthem", because the UK national anthem is an atrocious dirge.