Sunday, September 30, 2018

Inside The Beast

I'm hitting the Apple store in Friendswood, Texas to make a new purchase.  I always dread a trip to the Apple store - they're all overcrowded and chaotic.  With the money they charge for their products, and the money they make as a company (they are the world's first trillion-dollar company), they should have more stores. 

They should be the 7-11 of phone stores.  They need to be everywhere - at every mall, and in every town.

I don't like that I have to make an appointment (where they give you a very rushed 15 minutes of their time), I don't like that I have to sit on an uncomfortable chair at a table where I'm elbow-to-elbow with other people who are crammed around the same table waiting for assistance, and I don't like being able to walk in and get assistance immediately. 

They know they're in high demand and I think they take advantage of the fact that people will wait.  Because they do wait.  And they put up with the rushed service.

I know because I do it.  I'm guilty.  

I'm feeding the beast.

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