Saturday, November 03, 2018

Night Owl Transport

I got up in the middle of the night, peeked out the open sliding door of our cabin, and saw this.  It was cold and quiet as the ship sliced through the glasslike surface of the water.

I'd love to remember all of the stuff I've been reading and hearing from the guides, but I can't.  And I'm not taking notes on tours, so the best I can do for you is to give you a little blurb from Wikipedia and hope you'll research further if you're interested!

Here we go...

The Rhine–Main–Danube Canalalso called Main-Danube CanalRMD Canal or Europa Canal), in BavariaGermany, connects the Main and the Danube rivers across the European Watershed, running from Bamberg via Nuremberg to Kelheim

The canal connects the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, providing a navigable artery between the Rhine delta (at Rotterdam in the Netherlands), and the Danube Delta in south-eastern Romania and south-western Ukraine (or Constanța, through the Danube–Black Sea Canal). 

The present canal was completed in 1992 and is 106 miles (171 kilometres) long.

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