Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Delicious Treat On My Day Off

It's very rare that someone other than me cooks dinner in my house.  Yes, Ed does man his smoker and is a master on the grill, but that's not the brunt of the work, nor does it take care of cleanup.  

Well, again this holiday season we had our friends Marlaina and MacG joining us and I was given a special treat while they were here - the night off!!

MacG made his much talked about Arroz con Pollo.  We've been hearing about this dish for years but have never had an opportunity to try it.  Until now.  

Let me tell you...not only was it so sweet to not have to cook, but it was even sweeter to eat a meal cooked by a friend that turned out to be amazing.  The chicken was done perfectly, the flavors were intense - the sweet paprika, the fragrant cumin - but not overwhelming.  The rice wasn't overdone, which I was surprised by since it was cooked in the pot with everything else, and the dollop of freshly made salsa verde added the perfect finish.

We often joke about MacG being a Renaissance Man and this meal settled the "Yes, but can he cook?" question.

Hell, yeah.  He definitely can. 

This is the recipe he used for those of you interested in attempting this yourself.

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