Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Swift Waters Carried Away Victims Of War

Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial in Budapest, Hungary.

According to the Visit Budapest site, which has several photos of the memorial, in 1944, the Arrow Cross Party rounded up people from the ghettos for participating in Jewish activities and lined them up and forcing them to "...strip naked on the banks of the Danube and face the river; a firing squad then shot the prisoners at close range in the back so that they fell into the river to be washed away. This was a common practice that occurred during the winter of 1944-1945."  3,500 people, 800 of them Jews, were killed in this manner.

Visitors will see "...60 pairs of rusted period shoes cast out of iron. Different sizes and styles reflect how nobody was spared from the brutality of the Arrow Cross militia."   

There are shoes of men, women, and children at the memorial, a tragic reminder of the victims of the war, turning the Danube in what some called a Jewish cemetery.  

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