Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Soup In A Golden Bowl

While going organizing some of our Europe photos, I came across these pictures reminding me of our first ever business class flight.  This was the "chef" on our flight - maybe he was also a flight attendant, maybe he was also a co-pilot, I don't know, I didn't look very close at everyone as I was too busy reading the menu and then enjoying the food - who came around and actually took our order for our meal.  

Once they got our orders, they brought out bread with accompaniments - a little bottle of olive oil, soft spreadable butter, salt & pepper (in the little onion-domed shakers - I love the one with the gold top!), and an herb mixture that I added my olive oil to.  The bread kept coming, too.  They'd make rounds with the bread basket, waving tongs in front of you pointing to delicious rolls - seeded, multi-grain, sourdough.  Clearly, they knew my weak spot. 
I'll tell you right now, you won't go hungry in business class.  Turkish Airlines did not stop feeding us.  From the minute we stepped foot in the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX airport, to the moment we got on the plane, there was food.  

When we were handed the menu for dinner, we groaned.  More food??  But we had to choose dinner, which would be served once we got in the air, and then breakfast for the next morning.

Here you can take a look at the dinner menu.  It was printed in Turkish and English, and you were allowed to have anything we wanted - four appetizers, two entrees, three desserts, whatever.   

Dinner choices here on the right side of the three-fold menu.
Breakfast choices here on the left.
In this photo taken by MacG, who was sitting behind us, I'm being served soup in a gold-rimmed bowl.  To the right of Ed is the trolley with the assorted canap├ęs.  You just point at what you want, and they put it on a plate for you.  
Here are some of the appetizers - soup in that beautiful gold-rimmed bowl, cherry tomatoes with chunks of cheese, a coconut battered prawn, and a little bit of salad.
When we go to Europe again - and I hope it's 2020 - I honestly don't think I'll be able to fly any other class of service.  It's going to have to be a business class or first class flight.  I'll use every point, every perk, every trick I can pull to get that ticket.  Not only is the travel for the long distance more comfortable, but the food is fantastic.

They even have snacks for when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  That's a pretty good perk. 

Of course, it's a little different than standing in front of an open refrigerator in your underwear, like you do at home, but I'll take a midnight Snickers bar any day of the week on an airplane.

Time to start making future travel plans!

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