Sunday, February 11, 2024

Personal Space


Ed and I spent the past weekend at a Hilton Garden Inn in Aberdeen, Maryland.  The manager was amazing - he gave us great restaurant recommendations, extra perks on our room, and two free tickets to the local movie theater.  We decided to go see Argylle.

We almost had the entire theater to ourselves - look for Ed all the way up in the back.

We always arrive early for movies because I want to get the seat I like and I want to see all the previews. So, on this day we did the same. Once we were settled in our seats chomping on popcorn I looked around at the empty theater and said to Ed, “It’s like we’re at a private screening. Just us. Imagine if someone came in right now and just sat right next to us?” 

Then, not five minutes later, a couple walks all the way up to the row we were in, starts down the row towards us, and the girl stops in front of the seat next to me where I had my purse and jacket and just stood there.

She wanted me to move my stuff so she could sit there. So I looked at her and said, “Really??” And she said, “Uh, yeah.”

I could not BELIEVE that out of all the seats in the theater, she had to sit right next to me. WTF? 

I looked over at Ed, rolled my eyes, and whispered, “Can you believe her??” He then told me that the seats were assigned. When you make your ticket reservation you choose the seats you want. Ohhhhhhh.

Well, wasn’t I the asshole.  Great.  So now I had to apologize.

I reached over, tapped her on the arm, and said, “Sorry for the comment - I didn’t realize these seats were chosen when you purchased the ticket.” She said, “Oh, no problem."  And we went on to enjoy the movie. 

That said….

Since the movie theater, and our whole row, was still empty the entire two hours and nineteen minutes of the movie, she could have moved over and put one seat between us. It would have been the right thing to do, especially since we were there first.

So, maybe I’m not the asshole. 

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