Wednesday, February 11, 2015

La Bufadora And Almejas Gratinadas

Beautiful clams and oysters fresh from the sea.
Before leaving on our trip, my friend Marlaina sent me a New York Times article on Ensenada, Mexico.  It was one of our port stops.

We didn't have a plan for Ensenada.  Originally we thought we'd go see La Bufadora but decided just to walk into town instead.  Once we got into town, plans changed once again.  The trip to La Bufadora through the ship's excursion was $50.00 per person which seemed a bit steep and one of the reasons we initially decided to skip it.  Do I really need to see a spout of water in a Mexican tourist town?

Well, when we got to the center of town, a local tour company approached us.  $15.00 to go see La Bufadora.  That was more like it.  It is one of the largest marine geysers in the world, with sprays of up to sixty feet in the air.  For that price, I couldn't miss it.

While there, Ed and Steve stopped at the restaurant mentioned in the article, Cocos Vista El Mar, and had the almejas gratinadas - grilled clams, gratin-style, with melted cheese, butter, and white wine.  I am told they were delicious, as I opted for the churros and they were amaaazing.

At $7 per clam, which were the size of a man's hand, it was a great deal for lunch.

Almejas Gratinadas topped with delicious fresh shrimp.
After lunch we browsed the shops, bought a few more food treats, and headed back to the ship.  Best excursion deal so far.

La Bufadora blew just as predicted.

And it was impressive.

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Belledog said...

Thinking of you, Salena and Eddie, and hoping you're enjoying the spectacular cruise. Transit from another century.

It's Friday the 20th and 3 degrees in Northern Virginia! We have retained our coating of snow; still quite beautiful.

Know you're used to extremes of weather. And that's actually one of the attractions of trucking to me, believe it or not.

How is the life aquatic and offline treating you? Which was the harder to get used to?