Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stateroom 342

The cruise we took wasn't our first vacation choice.  We were planning to go on a snowy vacation.  We don't ski, but I wanted a quaint ski village type of atmosphere.  We looked at Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Northern California, Lake Tahoe, and all over Canada.  We eventually settled on Whistler, British Columbia.

But...we couldn't make up our minds.  We had a daily argument discussion about which hotel we wanted, what activities we wanted to do, how long we planned to stay, whether we'd fly or drive, etc.  It was an exhausting conversation.  Our friends, Marlaina and MacGyver were present for most of the discussions and although they offered their wise words about Canada, Ed and I couldn't come to an agreement.  So we decided to scrap the "ski" vacation and do something completely different.

Plan B came together when I blurted out, "How about a cruise?".  Ed agreed pretty quickly - he loves warm weather and he'd been wanting to go through the Panama Canal for a very long time - so that's what we did.  We found a cruise through Holland America that went through the canal, and since Ed wanted to leave right away we decided to do what they call a "Collector's Voyage" cruise - two cruises back-to-back, making one long voyage. Thirty-two days, six countries, thirteen ports of call.

We were very excited when we boarded the ship.  The first thing we did was visit the room and explore the ship before the mandatory safety drill.  This would be our home for the next 32 days:

Since we were used to traveling in an 8' x 11' space, this was going to be a piece of cake. What made it even better was room service, no cooking, no cleaning, no bed-making, no driving for over a month.

The no-driving part pleased Ed beyond measure.
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Gil said...

Did you get to visit the Bridge and check how the Captain operates the ship?

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: We asked about getting a tour of the bridge but we're told that due to security concerns it wasn't possible.