Saturday, February 07, 2015

True Civilization

This morning we left our room - still decorated for Ed's birthday - and headed into San Diego.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be back to internet.

We've been aboard the ship for eighteen days, ten of them spent at sea.  The sea days are relaxing, and we've done some of the things we don't do when television and internet are at our fingertips, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it.  In fact, it's probably the only thing I miss about "civilization".

Nowadays, internet is part of our daily lives.  I really can't do much without it.  I can't do the blog.  Can't post pictures to Instagram.  Can't text.  Can't email.  Can't watch the shows I've missed.  Can't communicate with my friends who are currently in India.

I don't like it.

We bought a data package through Verizon for checking email, and phone calls and texting are billed by the minute or per text - fifty cents to send, five cents to receive.  But the service is abysmal.  I even broke down and bought the ships internet service, which wasn't much better.  And it's expensive.  I thought I'd pay "any amount" when it came to staying connected, but I found that I could do without for a few days.

This next leg of the cruise is going to be worse.  We hit Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.  In three of those countries there is no data plan through Verizon, it's pay as you go at $20.48 per megabyte.  I won't be using it.

I'm going to schedule a few posts to go through while we're back at sea but it'll only cover a few days and will be mostly photos.  I doubt I'll have anything for Instagram, but feel free to check in.

We don't hit the United States again for more than fourteen days.  So I guess I'll see you when I get back.  At that time, I'll write more detailed posts about our trip and include more photos.

See you then!

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Belledog said...

Welcome back! Aloha. Have missed you, but love that you're getting some downtime and doing some adventuring.

Look forward to hearing more about living the un-plugged in life. You and Thoreau. Enjoy!