Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Little Nip Of A Love Affair

I'm not a hard candy chick, but when it comes to Coffee Nips, that's just a big fat lie. When it comes to Nips, I'm all kinds of a hard candy girl.

I don't know when I first discovered these, but for a long time I totally forgot about them because they're not available everywhere - I have only been able to find them at
Walgreen’s. They're available online, but when I'm on the road and need a fix, I can't just order stuff on line and have it shipped to me. I must find a Walgreen's.

With truck parking.

For the last few months, I've been on a Nip kick. I bought them when I was home for Christmas and then stocked up again when I was in Florida in January - I made my friend Greg stop at a Walgreen's just so I can go in and get a few boxes. But now I'm out again and I'm totally jonesin' for a Nip.

I like to have a few when I'm driving because they last such a long time and the creamy coffee flavor is like having a cup of coffee caress me for miles and miles. But since I'm out, the only way to get through the day is to push the thought of them of my mind. I'll be getting more this week, and I'll make sure to stash some in the truck somewhere so I will have an emergency supply.

It's a slow week here at The Daily Rant, so expect a few more random posts about nothing until things pick up a little. Nothing planned for the weekend, but things should pick up next week. See you then!

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all things bradbury said...

since you turned brad and i on to nips in pheonix, we are always on the lookout for them too!!...we've been blessed that our walmart at home has them in both the coffee and the caramel flavors as well as sugar-free!!...should i make you a care package????