Monday, February 27, 2012

So That's How It's Done

Ohhhhh, so I should be reaching for a cigarette instead of Dunkin' Donuts! Who could have known it was as easy as lighting up? According to this ad, if I don't smoke, I could look like the woman to the left in five years. Oh, shit. I already look like the woman on the left. What should I do now??

These are two vintage cigarette ads I came across on the internet recently that made me just shake my head in amazement. Although I know many vintage ads touted practices that are no longer considered desirable, part of me truly and deeply believes that there are still scores of women out there who'd rather smoke than be fat.

I guess more people would rather die from tobacco use than to not be able to fit into their skinny jeans.


Angela said...

I actually have a friend that openly admits that she started smoking after having been tobacco free for 6 years just so she could lose weight.

Initially she did lose some weight... but now she stinks and has gained pretty much all of that weight back.

Of course, she's still puffing away.

It's sad.

ELH said...

it's nice now, my whole family is smoke free,and the former smokers are the most anti-smoke..I do notice that it seems there's a lot of young girls/women who smoke...i sure hope it's not a weight control thing, that would be a helluva price to pay...i'd rather be a few lbs over and enjoy my life,with some moderation,that to suck that garbage down into my lungs...not worth it...
Davey Jones, RIP, I was a big fan.

Italy in 2015 said...

I shamefully admit I was one of them! However, I'm proudly a healthy and fit NON-smoker now! I'm so glad!! But, yes, for quite some time I was afraid to quit for fear of gaining weight. I finally came up with a proper plan of attack...quit cold turkey after 23 years of smoking and started running a month later. Haven't looked back since!