Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Love You Newman E. Drake

As you can see from below, it appears as if I've never done a post on leap year. To be fair, of the past six years, there would have only been one day (in 2008) to do a post and apparently, I missed it.

So here's a photo of one of my favorite New York treats -
Drake’s - to get you through the next four years. The Drake's brand can't be found anywhere but in the Northeast - from what the Wikipedia entry says, they tried to branch out to the Maryland and Washington DC area, Florida and California, but those expansions failed. Whenever I come home to New York, I pick up a box - it's one of those wonderful regional things that also involves a childhood memory. Sort of like Yoo-Hoo and Sabrett hot dogs.

My favorite items in the Drake's line are, in order of deliciousness to me, are...the Devil Dog , the Coffee Cake, and the good 'ol Yankee Doodles. Hence the reason I will not be donning a bikini come bathing suit season.

Well, unless I become a mad
chain smoker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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ELH said...

Those treats look devilishly delicious..enjoy

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