Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Just Want Tiny Little Elephants To Massage My Earlobes

My friends left for Bangkok this week, going for their yearly wellness trip - which they've dubbed the Body Works Tour 2012. I'm jealous of all the massages and pampering they'll be getting, but that jealousy is quelled by the fact that it's 96 degrees and humid. Marlaina said it's even uncomfortable for her, which means if I were there, I'd be spending my entire trip in the hotel room. Or emergency room.

She asked if I wanted anything, so I've put in my order. I've requested a Thai silk purse and/or tote bag, anything that screams Thailand (but isn't made in China - I can get that here), and perhaps a pair of earrings that has an Asian theme to them - like the tiny elephants or serpents seen in the photo below.

I found the pictures of these earrings on this site, which features items from different regions around the world. I thought it might give me a good idea of what's available. I'm very excited to see what she's going to bring back - she's got great taste and has been there several times, so she knows where to look for the good stuff.

If she has time between the nine two-hour foot massages and fifteen one-hour body massages she has scheduled.

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DLG said...

Wow! I truly don't "get out" enough. The website is truly amazing; I think the serpent earrings did it!I am sure she will bring you something awesome. How 'bout the "man purse" for Eddie?...lol

The Daily Rant said...

DLG: Isn't the website fabulous?? As for the man purse - I've been trying to get Eddie to use one for years and I *almost* had him convinced it was necessary after our trip to Italy (tons of guys over there wear them), but he's just not going for it.

I can kinda see his point - a trucker with a purse is a lot different than an Italian man IN Italy with a purse. Even if I do call it a "man bag". :)

myacrolife said...

I absolutely love this website. Thanks for adding it to my obsession list. I am obsessed with elephants. I will now waste my entire morning on here...and paycheck! xo