Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Stealth Trucker

My blog isn't typically written in "real time" - most of the stuff I write about is after the fact. Oh sure, certain events - like Christmas, when we go to the truck show in Louisville, Appreciation Days, might be written on the day of, but more often I post about it after it happens. Sometimes a day after, sometimes a week.

I'm kind of like those reality shows - The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, Jersey Shore - yes, everything happened as you see it on TV, but you don't actually see it for months. In their case, I suspect it's because they have film to edit and soundtracks to add, etc. In my case, it's usually because I actually do have to work on occasion, but more likely it's because I'm napping.

I've never had anyone come up to me and say, "Hey - aren't you the girl from The Daily Rant?" and I don't expect it to ever happen. It's probably a long shot for me to actually run into one of my readers - even in the case of Dave, I probably would have never met him if Marlaina wasn't sitting next to him in the load securement class.

Even when I do say exactly where I am, it's not a sure thing. For instance, if you read the post I did about shopping at TJ Maxx in San Luis Obispo, California back in March of last year, and thought you'd zip up there to catch me in the parking lot walking back to my truck, you'd have missed me by at least a few days. Hell, it might even been a week - who remembers?

This is something Ed has taught me early on in my blogging days - never tell anyone where you are, when you are actually there. It's been drilled into his head by his military training, his sixteen years in trucking, and probably just his Texas upbringing - you know, The Alamo and all that.

There are no surprise attacks if no one knows where you are. I think Ed and General Sam Houston share the same mindset.

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Gil said...

Yes, it sure is a lot safer the way you do things! Hope all is well with you two!

Belledog said...

Love that photo.

And a very wise practice. You don't want anyone stealing those bees.