Monday, March 21, 2011

Trucks, Friends, Life On The Road And A New Throne For My Queen Sized Ass

Next week is the 40th Annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

We have been going to the show for the past six years; I think we might have missed one of the shows, maybe the year they scaled down due to the economy, but I can't remember. We always enjoy the show, but this year is going to be one of the best because not only are we meeting friends that we've made through my blog, but I'm also going to be "covering" the show for
Life On The Road, one of the other blogs I write for.

Life On The Road is funded by
Navistar International, the company that makes that truck up there in the photo. I've already been invited to attend a "press" event (which I hope I can make!) and there are a few other things that I've been told we're going to be part of....but I haven't been told all the details yet. I'm kind of excited!

We typically look for new stuff at the truck show and this year, we're looking for seats. I want THESE:I think I almost have Ed convinced. He's slowly seeing the light, but at $6,000 a seat, the light isn't all that bright yet. Although, just the other day he made me watch a video showing how the seats work and how they react to the road completely different than conventional seats. Maybe the light is getting brighter.

Personally, I think when you spend 300 days of the year in the seat of a truck, it's essential to be comfortable and happy; no matter the cost. And really, when you break the cost down, it only comes to twenty bucks a day; which is the cost of us going out to lunch.

I'd gladly give up one meal a day to have my ass in that cushy seat while traveling the country. Hey, it might even be good for my ass. Less meals, less ass.

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Gil said...

I vote for the seats. You can't put a price on more safety and comfort all rolled into one.