Saturday, March 05, 2011

Buttons Beware. There's Someone Cuter In Town!

Look at this little guy. Man, isn't he freakin' adorable??

My brother and his family just got a dog like this, a little
Maltese. This is not a picture of their dog, it's one I stole from Google Images, but theirs is the same color, size, everything.

I don't know what three boys are going to do with a dog this size (punt it, perhaps?), but they seem to be loving it. My sister-in-law, on the other hand, has likened it to having a newborn in the house. Feedings, potty training, waking in the middle of the night crying.

My mother loved it. She wants one for herself. I'm kinda thinking I now know what to get her for her next birthday, only a few months away. It's the perfect gift (since she's already said she wants one) and she won't be able to return it. He's so cute, I'm tempted to get one myself!

Generally, I think having a dog in your truck is digusting. I've seen people's trucks who have dogs. One time, I was in a big sleeper truck like ours, and the people had TWO big dogs. It was disguting; dog hair everywhere, water bowls spilled over, dog food scattered on the floor. Pigs, I tell you. I'm not really a dog person, so I probably wouldn't get one. I'd much rather have a cat, any day of the week. But if I HAD to have a dog, this would be the one.

He's cat sized, almost as cute and doesn't eat much. And I have the perfect sleeping spot for him already picked out. Maybe Mom we'll let me take her new gift on the road...

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Angela said...

I. Want. One. ADORABLE!

Ms. Crawford said...

I always see cute dogs in trucks and think how awesome that would be and how cute they are, I am a dog lover! But then I remember the hair, the feeding, and the stopping to potty and I just don't have time for that shit. Lol literally!