Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Anyone Notice The Shoes Of A "Very Important Person"?

We finally made it to Louisville.

Tonight is the International Trucks VIP Media Event. I have been invited to attend on behalf of the Life On The Road blog, where I am one of the contributing writers. I'm even allowed to take Ed, who I'm going to need as a translator once they start talking about engine torque and horsepower!

I am very excited, as this will be the first time at an event like this and the first time I'll be seeing the Kentucky Exposition Center without the hordes of people who attend. I'm expecting the Navistar International booth to be spectacular and can't wait to see what they have in store for us. I will be writing several posts about the show over at Life On The Road and of course, my personal version of events here at The Daily Rant.

Now I have to go dig my pointy-toed slingbacks out of the side box. Dress is "business casual". My flip-flops just aren't gonna cut it this time.

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Gil said...
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Gil said...

Congratulations! You deserve it as you earned it.

Marlaina, said...

I'm looking forward to a view of the truck show through your eyes, someone not all bowled over by the engine torque and horsepower.

Love the shoes! You will be noticed.

all things bradbury said...

very cute shoes!! keep us posted about all the goodies at the show. have fun!

ELH said...

have a safe and great time at the show, now don't forget to fill us all in on all the goodies and tid bits you pick up there..have fun..

MAE said...

OMG, Diva shoes. I bet you were all attitude and regal-looking. And that food, OMG, next year I'm coming with you. I have a fedora you know, lol.

Ms. Crawford said...

Omg! This is so exciting for you. Congratulations for being invited, such an honor. Knock em dead gorgeous!