Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vintage Photo And Clothing

Back Row: My father, my grandfather (my father's father) and my Uncle Al (my father's brother). Front Row: My mother, my grandmother (my father's mother) and my Aunt Cookie (Uncle Al's wife)

The only people in this photo who are still alive, are my mother and my Aunt Cookie. On a happier note, my mother still has that top and it's GORGEOUS. There is so much beading, just wearing it adds ten pounds. The quality of the workmanship is unequaled. That top is older than I am!

I also love the men's skinny ties and shiny suits. Those were the days...

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ELH said...

A beautiful picture of your family..
sometimes it really warms the heart to look back at the old see the styles of clothing,hair, the furnishings of the past..
good to remember those who have passed on and those still here who we don't get to see that often.
many times we tend to forget that our parents were once young and vibrant like ourselves,mine are in their late 70's and still going strong..
it's strange for me at times to now see my kids,27,25,22 all grown young adults.I really think it'll hit me next year when our "baby" finally graduates college...whew..

Gil said...

Beautiful family portrait! If you didn't have a skinny tie you were accused of wearing a bin. I know because I really suffered because I always wore these beautiful Italian silk ties that my father's aunt from da' Bronx sent to him. It seems that I heard that the skinny ties are making a comeback.