Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheap And Accessible

I don't know anything about wine. In fact, I don't even drink. I wish I did, because then I'd definitely have a thing - something to do in each state - like go to wine tastings! The only thing I use wine for is cooking, but because we aren't allowed to have alcohol in the truck, the number of times I buy wine on the road is...absolutely zero. I can't even do a good Chicken Marsala out here - I can do a mock one, but not the real thing.

I do love to cruise the wine aisles though, and since I don't go out of my way to go into an actual liquor store, my cruising tends to take place in grocery stores. The wine section of this store - Ralph's in Long Beach, California - was comprised of several aisles. I love to look at all the bottles - the shapes, the labels, the color of the wine, where they're from. A lot of them, as you can see by some of the price tags, are incredibly inexpensive. There were pricier ones, but since I was just looking it didn't really matter.

Since we can't have alcohol while working, we'll have to ditch the idea of wine tastings, but after the visit to the cheese shop, I might have to consider cheese tastings.

That's the kind of thing I can totally get into.

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Gil said...

I like a little red wine with dinner. I'm sure that I pay more for it here than if I lived in CA!

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