Sunday, February 05, 2006

Built With The Organization Gene

I believe there is a reason women have typically always held the jobs of secretary, admin assistants, office clerks and the like; most of us have an organization gene.

In regards to paperwork, I don't think my father had that gene when it came to office maintenance. The picture above is representative of his filing system.

As I spent the better part of today going through his things, I realized that his system of filing consists of wrapping one to three rubberbands around the stack of statements, business cards or any other paper items that he needed to "keep for a later date." In the event he decided to label something, you could only see the label on the file if you move the rubberband out of the way.

And some people say I have no patience. Wait till they see the rubberband ball I construct.

1 comment:

Ron Oda said...

i could only wish i was as organized as your dad... your dad's organization system sounds light years ahead of mine, my desk is a friggin' nightmare... glad to have you back...