Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Idiot And The Box

How many people, other than sports fanatics, talk back to the TV?

I don't understand people who talk to the characters in a TV show, sports figures or even the talking head on the news; telling them to watch out for who's around the corner, berating them for their bad relationship decisions, outright calling them names, disagreeing with their position, spewing racial slurs.

I can understand if you're discussing the TV show with someone who you are watching it with, but if you're not trying to unravel the plot or have a debate with the person sitting next to you, do you really think the television is going to give you better feedback?

And if you're not talking to the person sitting next to you, you have to realize that not only is it odd behavoir, but it's extremely annoying to those of us who are not having a conversation with an inanimate object.


Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, I live with an idiot and the box, hehe. You are too funny and I LOVE your blog. oxox MAE

Becky G said...

Well said! My son does this all the time and it drives me nuts. I'm constantly telling him, "Cody, don't argue with the T.V."