Sunday, February 26, 2006

Being A Girl Again

I'm probably the girliest trucker chick out here. Hair, makeup, red Italian cashmere wrap, trendy homemade poncho....

But I am the "girl" I used to be. I got nails today. Yes, fake nails. Beautiful, flawless, shiny, french manicured, fake nails.

I used to do my nails all the time, even going so far as having my nail girl in New York teach me how to do them and eventually going to school to become a nail tech, but I've gotten away from that.

Now, since I've inherited my fathers hunkin' gold initial pinkie ring, I wanted to make sure my nails looked nice enough to show it off.

Ed didn't really get the whole nail thing and why I wanted them, but he does like the way they feel on his back when he's squirming and trying to reach an itch that he can't get to.

He's lucky I am a girlie girl with nails that not only look nice, but benefit him; he could be with someone who has grease under her nails and the only way you can get them to scratch your back is if they take off the neoprene gloves they were wearing since they probably just got done pumping 400 gallons of fuel.

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