Monday, February 06, 2006

The Many Faces Of Ed

Today is my Eddie's birthday. He is a spring chicken at 8 years younger than I am. Smart as a whip and solid as brick. He has, over this entire week and weekend, been both by my side and silently supporting me from afar when he wasn't.

I have not been able to give him the attention he deserves today since I've been busy dealing with all this paperwork and phonecalls. But I did want to acknowledge his importance in my life. He has so many qualities that I admire. Yes, he's still a pain in the ass, but the rest of what I love about him is why I don't tell him to go pound salt as much as I'd like.

So I took a little break from what I was doing today and took him to lunch. I then took him to President Clinton's house on Old House Lane in Chappaqua, New York. OK, not to his house, by his house. Then I swung into Starbuck's and got him a White Chocolate Mocha. I told him I will make the rest up to him later. He seems to be happy about that. (wink wink)

Although, I must say, he seemed to be quite enthralled with Bill and Hill's house and the fact that they live only 4 miles from my cousin. We thought of asking 'ol Bill to go for a birthday drink with us but I didn't want to have to buy drinks for all the Secret Service guys too, so we just scrapped that idea. I would much rather take my Eddie somewhere alone, since I don't really want to see Ed and I on the front of the NY Post!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at my cousin Ro's house and then Ro's boyfriend made a delicious dinner for us; blackened Tilapia, Baby Red mashed potatoes and fresh spinach sauteed in garlic and butter. OMG. Yum!

So here are the many looks of Eddie. Which is your favorite??

Happy Birthday Baby!!!


Katie McKenna said...

Happy Birthday to Your Eddie! I liked all facets shown in your pictures.

I'm happy to hear that you have a lot of support throughout this time. Sounds like the best of mates!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Salena is in the shower right now, but I thought I would acknowledge that I actually do read the blog and do appreciate the innumerable things she does for me. Love you baby!

- ED

Amy said...

Oh. Nope. Can't pick just one.
I vote (d) All of the above.

And I'm really glad he's there for you right now. When my Dad died in '04 I was alone, and it pretty much sucked.

MamaKBear said...

Clean shaven Eddie for sure!! Though he rocks the goatee too!

*waves to Ed* good to see ya stop by...stay safe out there on the road! Man, I miss it...

Christie... said...

The amouring look over the shades!

Happy Birthday Ed!

How sweet for him to read your blog while you were in the shower...and comment!

MamaKBear said...

OMG when I posted before I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED!!!!

I'm so embarrassed...Hope it was good! Was too busy trying to decide which of the many faces I liked best!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE every facet and every picture of Ed. Ed has gained new respect and status during this past weekend for our family. He IS our family now. I'm happy he is in our family, I couldn't ask for a better person for my daughter. He loves my baby girl and it is VERY evident....and I love him. Mommy

Anocsanamun said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW He looks like AIden from Sex in the city! Happy Birthday Eddie boy - and Kudo's to Salena - girl rope in the young bucks!!! Give us some lessons!

Norman said...

I like the last one best!