Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother Lode

Webster's Defines this as:
1. the principal vein or lode of a region
2. a principal source or supply

How true is this of our own mother? They often are our principal source or supply of almost everything we are. They were our life source and they supplied us with many of the qualities that live and breathe within us today.

My own has:

  • taught me how to love by being loving herself
  • encouraged my learning by answering my incessant questions from birth...all of which increased my knowledge
  • taught me manners and how to treat people
  • gave me morals (some of which I corrupted!) but all of which gave me a solid base
  • supplied, at times, more criticism than I wanted to hear but most of which I am still trying to learn from
  • showed me courage by displaying it herself in difficult and everyday situations
  • allowed me to experience joy by always making sure our home was full of it
  • taught me not to fear even when she was afraid herself
  • let me "go" and "see" while being there if I needed to come back
  • supports everything I do and encourages me every day with words of love and praise
  • loves me unconditionally

These are just a FEW of the wonderful ways of my mother. I am sure you can all create a list of your own with the things that are important to you. Of course, not everything a mother does is always peachy and lovey dovey. Often times, you want to muffle their words with a well placed sock. But today is not the day to rant on about that (there will be other days for that, I'm sure!).

Today is the day to feel blessed that we have them. To honor them for all they've done. To let them know we love them. To show them we care and we understand how difficult their job is. To let them know we appreciate their sacrifices. To acknowledge their commitment to us.

We should do this everyday, not just on Mother's Day. Since we don't always remember to this, let's use today to make sure our words are heard....and spend the rest of the year trying to back them up.

Today we will once again, remind our mothers that we will always be their babies.

I love you Mommy.

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