Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Original Goldfish

I have severe short term memory loss. I don't know when it happened or really how long I've had it. I remember things vividly that happened years ago, even in my childhood, but things that JUST happened? BLANK. I think I need to go a 12 step program or something. But of course, I'd probably forget the steps once I got past the fifth one and would have to start all over again.

Ed says I'm like a goldfish. I can swim around in my fishbowl, and as I come upon the decorative castle/plant combo, I would look at it and say "Oooh! Look at that. How pretty." Then five minutes later, be swimming around some more, come across the castle/plant combo again and say "Oooh! Look at that. How pretty. Is that new?"

Sometimes, in conversation, I will say to him "You never told me that" and he'll respond with "Well, it was probably over 7 days ago, so you forgot." Seven days??? Sometimes I forget something after 7 minutes.

My friend Vicki, God bless her patience, will listen to anything I have to say even if she's already heard it 15 times. Although, she does often say, "Man oh man, you don't remember anything, do you??"

I don't know why my memory fails me. Maybe I don't eat enough fish - my mother always said it was brain food. Although, I don't think it's a brain thing - I am smart and function quite well, I guess I just don't retain information I know I can get somewhere else if needed. Why clog my brain with minutia?

Ugh, I have been so sidetracked and distracted this weekend, I can't even finish this post. My mind is wandering as I write. Maybe I'll add more on this topic at a later date.

What was I saying anyway??

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