Saturday, May 02, 2009

Droppings Might Be Too Delicate A Word

There isn't just beautiful scenery to take in (or take pictures of) at our National Parks; the animals leave behind all kinds of crap.
I think "droppings" might be too delicate a word for this buffalo chip, what do you think? Although, when I see such an abundance of any one thing, my first thought is, How can I turn this into a business?
There is money somewhere in this pile of crap. There's got to be some way to turn a profit here. I think I see Badlands Fertilizer Co. in my future...

But who am I going to get to collect it all?

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Gil said...

Holy Crap! I never realized they were so huge. I don't remember cow flops being that big. Enjoy the Badlands, we did.

Angela said...

Actually there is money in that pile of crap. I saw a program on public television when I was home not too long ago about a company in the midwest that takes similiar cow patties and processes them to make "peat pots" for plants.

How's about that?

Pat said...

Its pretty sad when I skip most links, but I have to click on a link that I know is going to be about poo.

I think the pioneers used to burn the dry droppings for heat and cooking.