Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stupid Should Be An Abomination

This whole Miss California thing has got me really irritated. First, I'm annoyed by all the attention she's getting and second, I'm annoyed by all the attention ignorant people and their stupid comments are getting.

I was listening to a talk show the other night when the whole gay marriage subject was brought up yet again and the caller (who was like most of the callers regarding this subject; from the south, claiming to be Christian, speaking with large amounts of intolerance dripping from their voices and almost always throwing a fragmented piece of scripture into their conversation) gave their opinion on why they don't think "the gays" should marry; all the usual reasons about how it will be the downfall of society, etc.

What I found most amusing about the exchange was when the radio host asked the caller, "Since you don't like the idea of homosexuals getting married, how do you feel about heterosexuals getting married?" The caller said he thought heterosexuals absolutely should be allowed to get married.

Then the host asked the caller "Well, do you think homo sapiens should have the right to get married?" The caller said that he thought that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

"So homo sapiens should be allowed to get married?" the host asked again, and then without waiting for his answer said, "Are you a homo sapien?" The caller was indignant, stating that he absolutely was not a homo sapien and once again, he believed that marriage should be allowed ONLY between a man and a woman.

See? This is exactly the type of people we have to deal with in our society. People who don't even know they are human. It disgusts me. And I can't even tell you how many people I come across like this as I drive throughout the country. How many conversations I overhear and how many ignorant comments I have to not react to. Good thing Ed is with me 24/7 because I am seriously considering saying something to every person who blatantly displays their ignorance. I want to be a one-woman anti-ignorance police force.

On the same dumbass Miss California debacle, I came across a comment to an online story about it where the commenter had this to say:

She reminds me how threatened the gay community is by beautiful women. Every head they turn, turn away from a gay man. Since gays cannot procreate they must recruit. Carrie Prejean thwarts their insidious plan."

Another person responded to that comment with this:

"The gay community IS NOT threatened by beautiful women. In fact, a good number (but definitely not all) of gays are into fashion, hairdressing, interior design, etc. A lot of the people who assist or do makeup for the world's most beautiful women, are gay. You said "gays must recruit"........Umm........I don't know how gay people could "recruit" people -- it would be a really tough sell -- how would the sales pitch go?

1) Be gay! - so that you are called slurs and made fun of, or sometimes beaten or killed
2) Be gay! - so that you lose some of your friends and perhaps become estranged from your family
3) Be gay! - so that you feel alienated from other "Christian" people, who forget about their own sins and shortcomings, but only focus on your homosexuality
4) Be gay! - so that you have higher rates of depression, because of a society that is critical of you and judges you for your "homosexuality" rather than your contributions and actions as a human being
5) Be gay! -- so that when you do want to be in a committed relationship with the person you love, you won't be granted equal protections in the eyes of the law.

And despite this horrible sales pitch, about at least 5% of the population is gay. The truth is, gay people are the result of the union of a man and a woman, as much as straight people are. And by the way, all of the people I know who have been raised by 2 lesbian mothers or 2 gay dads, turned out to be straight."

On the flip side of that, every gay person I know (and I am friends with a LOT of gay people) came from two very straight parents. Some of those parents are even from the South. Boy, what a kick in the ass that must be for them, huh?

It's crazy to me that people actually think it's okay to discriminate based on sexual orientation, as if it's a choice. You may as well say that people with brown hair can't get married, those with blue eyes can't drink out of water fountains, and Jews can't vote.

What's even worse, in my opinion, are the wacko Christians who like to call homosexuality an abomination, but conveniently forget all the other things in the Bible that are also considered abominations; reading your horoscope, getting a tattoo, telling lies, acting unjustly, eating rare steaks, paying a mortgage or having credit card debt, wearing a shirt made of cotton and polyester, women wearing pants, children disrespecting their parents (according to the Bible, they should be put to death for this one) and cheating on your wife.

If they are going to select random scriptures to support their hatred, perhaps they should pay more attention to John 8:7 where Christ himself says, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone..."

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Tug said...

I've been reading you for awhile, but don't know that I've ever commented until now; just felt I should.

Excellent post...very well said!

Jeni said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you yet again for an extremely well-written post! It is indeed a sad truth that very few people remember that verse of the Bible. Just as they also tend to skirt around the one that says "Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you." Sorry but I don't know the Bible, chapter and verse to cite the book, chapter, verse there. But I'm sure those who consider themselves to be the ones sans sin can tell us where to find that quote.
Your points on why no one in their right mind would actually choose homosexuality is spot on too. And again, sadly, that is what does often happen to many people who have made that so-called choice.
So if you want an ally -so you won't be a one-woman-rant on this topic, feel free to count me in your column. (Oh and just one tiny correction though -statistics say the number of gays in the population is around 10 percent. But that doesn't detract from you base message here.)
Keep on rollin' along and say your piece wherever, whenever you can too.

The Daily Rant said...

Thanks Tug! Glad you came out of the woodwork. I'm happy to know you're reading but I'd be happier if you were commenting! It's nice to know my mother and a handful of others aren't the only ones out there! lol

Glad you liked the post and you can be on my team anyday on this one! I don't know the bible chapter and verse either, but I have a lot of good sources and someone close to me that I consult with on certain issues. Plus, my cousin is a priest - although I've never really gotten into anything with him - I'm really afraid I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue. As for the statistics cited, they are not mine but those of a commenter from the internet....I posted their comment because I liked what they had to say about "recruiting" people to be gay - as if someone would want to bring upon themselves so much of the hatred that is cast their way.

As for how much of the population is gay....I say, the more, the merrier! LOL

Gil said...

Those dummies don't only live in the South! We have more than our she here in the Northeast.

Team Caffee said...

It is amazing what people believe is news anymore. I have about quit listening to talk shows over the crap that is discussed and the idiots who call in.

Great post!

all things bradbury said...

it's fasinating that people who have made such a convaluted mess of the institution of marriage think they have the right to write the rules for everyone else....and i have a hard time trying to understand how two people of the same sex marrying lessens the commitment brad and i have to each other or the validity of our marriage......i just think that when two people are lucky enough to find love, then let them celebrate it however they choose.....

sheila said...

In my mind I am standing up and applauding you. Wonderful post. And true, these people don't live only in the south...ughhhh. In fact I know a few. I do stand up and battle with these people, but they truly are too ignorant to understand. The whole religious arguement...crap. If we followed the bible to a t- there would be SO many aweful things that we'd be doing. So many. Then there argument is that they don't take EVERY thing literally. What? huh?

I'm with you. On every front here. Wonderful post. Wonderful